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by Simone & Emilie KNAB for Ligue contre le cancer - COMITE DU BAS-RHIN (67)


About my fundraiser

Relais pour la vie du Bas-Rhin 2013,

Emilie and I will join the Council of Europe team and walk/run in the 'Relais pour La Vie' during the weekend of June 29/30 in Truchtersheim.

For just one weekend, we'd like people to support our team as it moves round the Relay track throughout a 24-hour period, a symbolic effort of the challenge that cancer patients have to face every day.

The Relay will take place at Truchtersheim, Bas-Rhin, starting from 5pm on Saturday 29 June 2013 for 24 hours non-stop.

We really think that Ligue contre le cancer - COMITE DU BAS-RHIN (67) are doing a great job and we have decided to raise funds to help them perform their work.

We would greatly appreciate if you could help us in our fundraising efforts by making a donation to Ligue contre le cancer - COMITE DU BAS-RHIN (67) or bringing awareness around my fundraising efforts. There are no small donations.
Donations are processed through Alvarum. It is very easy and 100% secure.

Every donation will help the Ligue carry out research, help patients and their families and provide information to prevent cancer. Your support will boost the team and many others!

Many thanks for your help!
Simone & Emilie Knab

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Ligue contre le cancer - COMITE DU BAS-RHIN (67)
1er financeur indépendant de la recherche contre le cancer en France, la Ligue est aussi une fédération de 103 Comités départementaux qui agit, depuis plus de 90 ans, auprès des malades, sur tous les fronts de la maladie : recherche, actions pour les malades et leurs proches, prévention et promotion des dépistages. Pour faire reculer le cancer, la Ligue a besoin de vous !